How to use HERE Demo Routing Tool

How to use HERE Demo Routing Tool

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00:13 - 00:33 Authentication Method

00:34 - 01:29 Demo Tool Overview

01:30 - 05:04 Construct a request


Hello and welcome to the migration learning series. In this video, I shall talk about the Routing Demo Tool that is available for external customers.

This demo tool is useful to visualize and quickly make a routing request in an way. To use this tool, you can type in your browser and press enter.

If you are already familiar with using , then you can find the new demo link on the top right corner. The demo page gets loaded where you can then fill in your routing details.

How to construct a request?

Lets try to make a simple routing request. To know what each of these fields mean, you can click on the info icon provided for each field. You can also read about these parameters in our documentation pages.

In order to generate a routing request, you can directly type the address of your origin or try to locate it on the map and right click choose Route From. Similarly, you can type or locate your destination.

If you want the route to passthrough certain locations/points, then you can add them in via. If you need alternative routes, then you can provide a number here. If there are extra return parameters required, then choose them.

Similarly for extra attribute data, choose them from Spans parameter. Mode of transport let’s keep it to be car and routing mode to be fastest. Departure time when chosen as any disables traffic related information. I shall leave the other parameters as it is since my request is simple.

You can see below, the API call gets generated only with the parameters you have provided a value with:


Once I click on submit , I will be able to see my route generated with the response details on my right.

Stay Tuned

This tool is very useful for you to generate and try out different routes, same routes with different parameters set, to investigate why a route took a particular path etc. Do check out this tool and play around with all the options provided.

Hope you found this video useful. Thank you.

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